2015: A fantastic year for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean.

*Originally published on Virgin.com. It’s Been A Productive 12 Months For The Branson Centre Of Entrepreneurship Caribbean. Read About The Centre’s Highlight Moments, Their Inspiring New Entrepreneurs And What We Can Look Forward To Seeing From The Team In 2016. We pivoted our entrepreneur training model by launching a free, online training – allowing us to […]

Pounding the Pavement: Real Stories of Financing Struggles of Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

*Originally published in the Branson Centre’s B:Inspired eZine Issue 10. Mervin Kerr, CEO of Island Integrators, was using three credit cards to fund his business’ growing operations – a personal credit card that attracted a 49% interest rate, a business card at 22% interest, and a credit card in an employee’s name, also at 49% […]

Seascape Caribbean: From Donor Funding to Sustainable Profits

*Originally published in the Branson Centre’s B:Inspired eZine Issue 4. When you consider the phrase “environmental rehabilitation and restoration” or “social entrepreneur” you may automatically think of treehuggers, people who work for a cause and are not motivated by money. You would be wrong. Well, partially wrong. Restoring damaged sections of our ecological landscape is […]

Branson Center Orientation

On Monday and Tuesday this week, seventeen enthusiastic entrepreneurs met each other for the first time as Branson Center Cohort 4. Out of a pool of sixty applicants, these seventeen made it through three selection rounds. The next step is a twelve-week training program that is meant to help them structure their businesses to be […]

The Shark Tank Obsession

Shark Tank has sparked a craze amongst people in the entrepreneurship and venture capital world. The reality show features a panel of uber-successful entrepreneurs and executives, like Mark Cuban, who consider offers from start-ups seeking investments in their businesses. Jamaica too has caught on to the hype and panels of “investors” are popping up everywhere […]