Hello to my wonderful readers! I know I have been silent for the past year, and many of you have asked me why. The biggest reason is that all of my writing effort has gone into finishing my book. I finished a draft manuscript in August 2013 and submitted it to an editor overseas.  His […]

“Integrating professional and personal aspirations proved far more challenging than we had imagined. During the same years that our careers demanded maximum time investment, our biology demanded that we have children. Our partners did not share the housework and child rearing, so we found ourselves with two full-time jobs. The workplace did not evolve to […]

We are one and a half weeks away from carnival! At this point, I’ve built as much muscle as I can from going to the gym; how toned I look on carnival day will depend on how I eat. From what I’ve read, the best way to shed some flab in two weeks is by carbohydrate cycling. Carb cycling […]

This article was first published in the March 2013 issue of the B Inspired eZine. As a young footballer, Wayne Jones Jr. hoped to impress his coach and earn a place on the Kingston College football team. To his disappointment, he soon realised that the coach’s decision was not based on a player’s performance metrics, […]

This interview with Christopher John Farley first appeared in the Kingston Book Festival supplement in the Jamaica Observer on March 3, 2013. Background Christopher John Farley is a Jamaican-born writer who has had a significant impact on music journalism in the United States. After graduating from Harvard University in 1988, Christopher started writing for Time […]

I have been feeling low on energy lately, so I started researching possible causes and came across a condition called hypothyroidism. The most common symptom is feeling exhausted no matter how much sleep you get. I started freaking out that I may have it and asked my doctor to test for it. I haven’t received […]

On Monday and Tuesday this week, seventeen enthusiastic entrepreneurs met each other for the first time as Branson Center Cohort 4. Out of a pool of sixty applicants, these seventeen made it through three selection rounds. The next step is a twelve-week training program that is meant to help them structure their businesses to be […]