The End of the World as we Know It

mayanThis Friday, December 21, is the “end of the world” according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar. Last Friday, December 14, was the end of the world for many families in Connecticut. The ending of one version of our lives can bring a lot of pain, self-doubt and fear about the future. It will take the victims of the Connecticut massacre a lot of pain to transition from having a child to not having a child, as it takes a lot out of each us to recover from our own personal tragedies. How we emerge in the new version of our world depends on the meaning we give to our feelings about what happened to us in the past.

Major events happened in my life in 2012 that will create an entirely new reality for me in 2013. The choices I made determine the kind of life I will experience – which is exactly as it should be. Some of the life-changing events in latter half of 2012 included:


  • September: I decided to stop being an employee and move to a freelancing model.
  • October: My last monthly paycheck.
  • November: I started interacting with two major potential clients: the Government of Jamaica and the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. I also signed project agreements with my former boss that gives me equity participation in projects we close and full freedom to choose projects I like.
  • December: I decided to move out of my apartment and back home with my parents to keep more money in my pocket while I figure out this freelancing thing. (See: An Experiment in Frugality).
  • December: I finished the first draft of my book (well, I expect to finish it by December 31).
  • December: I got my Tax Compliance Certificate as a business strategy consultant.

My plans for 2013 will move me forward along the path to freedom to direct the course of my life, more travel, and getting paid to have fun, not “work.”


  • Successfully self-publish my book and use it to launch my new publishing company.
  • Spend August in either Madrid or Paris and head to my HBS friend’s wedding in Belgium on August 24.
  • Manifest abundance in my bank account / get closer to my early retirement goals (See: An Experiment in Frugality).
  • Meet Richard Branson and have him fall in love with my book (more on this in January).
  • Attract even more love, family, and sense of community into my life than in 2012!

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  1. WOW I found your blog quite by accident and what a lesson in serendipity this turned out to be! I love this post and I especially like the goals for 2013. I look forward to reading more from you.

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