Cocktails with Lisandra Rickards

*Originally published in the Jamaica Observer on March 3, 2013.

…You are currently in the process of writing your memoir and are a part of the planning committee for the upcoming Kingston Book Festival. As a transitioning corporate executive, what has the reception been from persons in the corporate world?

My background and skills have been honed for a corporate career, so to give that up to pursue a more creative path was very difficult internally. I don’t think I could have done it without the advice of my mentors in the corporate world, who have been exceptionally encouraging. They told me to just go for it.

After I made the decision, I came across a part-time role at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Montego Bay that was a great combination of my business background and my need for creativity. I help train our creative, entrepreneurial talent in Jamaica to excel in a competitive world. The part-time role also gives me free time to write my book, consult, and work on my own venture.

I also wanted to get more involved in the writing scene here in Jamaica, and approached Kellie Magnus to offer some help with the Kingston Book Festival. The festival starts today (March 3) and is full of amazing speakers and events, so please come out and support.

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