About Me

Everyone I loved thought I was crazy to leave the U.S. to move back to Jamaica. I was on “the chase.” I had just graduated from Harvard Business School, had the opportunity to work in private equity in New York City, and had a clear path to success ahead of me.

But it was an empty success – I was living someone else’s dream, not mine. Instead, I wanted to design a life that was a reflection of who I was and what I believed in. I moved back to Jamaica, and tried different things, holding three jobs in three years. I wasn’t sure I made the right decision, until the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean found me. I became the CEO three years later at age 32. I now lead an incredible, talented team on a mission that we believe in. I’ve learnt so much on this journey, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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“I’ve learnt so much on this journey and can’t wait to share it with you.”