Where Have I Been?

Hello to my wonderful readers!

I know I have been silent for the past year, and many of you have asked me why. The biggest reason is that all of my writing effort has gone into finishing my book. I finished a draft manuscript in August 2013 and submitted it to an editor overseas.  His feedback was that it needed significant rewriting and he gave me really valuable pointers on how to make it better.

But it was daunting to face rewriting the book, and I ended up not writing a word for three months. Then in late 2013, I went on a writing spree and rewrote the entire book in four months, and submitted it to a new, Jamaica-based editor, who also happens to be a Branson Centre entrepreneur. It was a much better effort, but could still use work. Apparently most books are edited seven times before being published!

She had some great insights into how to make it even better, so now I am on my third round of editing, hoping to have the book published this year. Wish me luck!

The book isn’t the only thing keeping me busy. The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship has been a wild, fantastic ride that I’ve loved every minute of. It is the best company I have ever worked with. I was just in London last week shooting videos for the Centre’s new virtual training program in partnership with Virgin Unite. You’ll hear more about that in the late summer.

I’ve also taken on other consulting clients, navigated the onerous Jamaican tax system, and in general am figuring out how to operate in Jamaica as a self-employed person. This is not easy, but I feel more in control of the direction of my life than I ever have before. Even so, I am constantly thinking about the next step and wondering how I can live the biggest, most fulfilling life possible. I think this is important for growth, as long as it is balanced with a healthy dose of loving where I am right now, which I totally am.

I plan to start writing more again, beginning with this post. I turned 30 last Saturday, which will probably be the subject of my next post.

Talk to you soon!



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