Monthly Archives: December 2012

The End of the World as we Know It

This Friday, December 21, is the “end of the world” according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar. Last Friday, December 14, was the end of the world for many families in Connecticut. The ending of one version of our lives can bring a lot of pain, self-doubt and fear about the future. It will […]

A Book is a Business: Kaneisha’s Journey

Last week, I wrote about the process for traditional publishing versus digital publishing. This week, I wanted to introduce people to the self-publishing journey of my good friend, Kaneisha Grayson, who has written her first book, Be Your Own Boyfriend. Women are so often socialized to wrap their self-worth in their relationship status. Be Your […]

A Book is a Business

I am trying to decide whether to traditionally publish or self-publish my memoir. As I have done more research into these two paths, I’ve discovered that a book is just one part of a serious business operation. In the traditional publishing model, I would try to get an agent by sending out query letters describing […]