Monthly Archives: October 2012

An Experiment in Frugality

In January 2012, I came across a blog called Mr. Money Mustache. MMM is part of a community of blogs that promote the Early Retirement philosophy – using a very high savings rate to retire after relatively few years of working and receiving a ‘decent’ income (in American terms). For example, MMM uses compound interest […]

Book Excerpt 2: Getting Robbed in Spain

One night, around 10pm, I was walking back to my apartment in Seville from the Internet Café less than 10 minutes away. A nicely dressed, older gentleman with greying hair, who appeared to be in his fifties, was walking behind me. I thought he lived in the apartment building next to ours and did not […]

Deep Procrastination

One of my favorite blogs is Study Hacks by Cal Newport. Cal tries to figure out why some people lead successful, enjoyable, meaningful lives, while so many others do not. One of the roadblocks Cal defines is something he calls deep procrastination. Deep procrastination is not just about putting off work until later. It happens when […]


For the past two years, I have had a full-time job in Jamaica while wanting to become a freelancer. I wanted to set my own schedule, travel the world on speaking engagements, and inspire others to break out of the traditional career paths and forge a new way. But I was too afraid to let […]